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We are a small, local, digital agency in Manchester, ideally suited to building a close working relationship with you and your business. We can take care of all your development needs, freeing up your time to do what you do best.


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Trading and communicating with other organisations can be a massive hurdle to overcome, with most retail and health-care organsiations still using EDI to manage their orders, invoices and shipments.
Some suppliers will only supply you with a portal to see these, we will ensure that its fully integrated into your process.

Whether it's ANSI x12, Edifact, Tradacoms, iDOC, a custom in-house format or an API. We've got you covered.

Retail IT and E-POS

You already have an amazing shop front, but are you maximising your sales and efficiencies? We can help with an omni-channel EPOS system, fully integrated into your back of house processes and ERP systems.

ERP/MRP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

ERP systems can seem daunting or even unnecessary for a SME, where in reality they can set you free.
Acting as the backbone to your business and joining all of the dots together, an effective ERP system will tie up and streamline your ordering, selling, accounting, manufacturing, inventory just to get started.
Not only will it tie the dots in your processes, but it actually becomes your central source of truth for everything and your multi channel friend.

Using SAP, Odoo, Dolibarr or many others we can help you gain control.


Opening up to sell on the internet can seem daunting so we offer a full-service package to create the right online presence for you and support you every step of the way. Allowing you to  spend more time focusing on what you do best.

We specialise in Magento, Shopify, ASP.NET and OS Commerce.

Business Intelligence

Driving sales and growing your business can be hard enough without the right data. Let us help you with aggregation, reporting and applications that give you the full picture, so you don't miss a trick.

Web Development

You either know exactly what you need or need a little hand to map it out. Working with you, we can bring your company to life on the internet. Creating something as unique as you are.

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